INNERKO Philosophy

BEAUTY FROM WITHIN  represents our philosophy. Our need for beauty is as important as the need for food.
Beauty is based on health, wellbeing, harmony.
Beauty in architecture reflects the tight connexion between us and the space we use, we live in.
The relation is reciprocal and our philosophy is to create a friendship connexion between Man and the Space he uses.
The architectural volume is born from the need of defining an indoor space for a certain activity. Thus, the architecture's core always resides inside.
The exterior shape should transmit the message of the space type that we use indoor.
The interior is particular, personal, intimate.
The architectural concept may be created around "something", like a pearl born from a sand grain. This "something" may be a need, a personal item, a colour or a story.



We thought in all manners of ways how to transmit the best the essence of our passion, of what we do.
It is very simple. There is a Truth according to which every person is unique, that has his/her unique path in life. This may be interpreted by needs specific to each person, by different circumstances of living. Moreover, every person passes through stages when these needs are changing.
Life is joy! And we believe that people have to ascertain this fact in all the celebration moments of life.
We experience the architecture. By that we'll understand that this is what we do, we feel the Man's needs and we create the appropriate space for it. An existing space may be also brought to a maximum of possibilities in order to use it easily for a certain purpose.

We do not believe in standardised formula, those "uniforms" that pretend to be suitable for several human profiles. We can appreciate the economical advantage, but it is necessary to select, to make the right choice for the appropriate circumstance.
Architecture processes emotions, states, sensations, feelings; it generates attitudes, movements, localisations, affections or other human behaviours.
We support the psychological dialogue between the watcher and the created product. We do influence the manner in which people live, study, work or relax. We create an architecture revitalising the manner in which man used the space.
Each person is unique.

We encourage any Person, any Family to operate the appropriate changes for the space used, regardless the fact that it is a work place, accommodation or any other space for deploying relaxation activities etc.
Even if the respective space is not a personal property, it affects your life as long as you use it. A lot of people are affected by non-operating / unaesthetic spaces because they consider they "are not home" and there is no point to intervene. They do not realise that life is HERE and NOW in the place they are found. Waiting for the ideal place gets replaced with its creation.

We encourage the acknowledgement of the type of accommodation because, whether if we like or not, it affects all our lives aspects. There are great social phenomena in urban environments, especially when, because of the inappropriate way of living, in spaces under the usage decency limit, lead to ruptures in the inter-human relationships, each user being directly affected by the manner in which a person lives or works.